Working Together

McMann & Ransford is a knowledge transfer and enablement firm.  This means everything we do: how we organize, develop our staff, invest in IP, build change management tools, and create “How To” guides is focused on supporting, encouraging and pushing our clients to break through the commoditization cycle.

Because of this we can begin with our clients where they are: how do they view the challenge.  What symptom has brought them to realizing they need to change, to grow, or to improve margins.

We know that any successful transformation or change requires organizations and individuals to feel like there is forward movement and near-term results while also understanding how the broader situation is going to be transformed to allow on-going success.  We focus on both addressing near term symptoms to achieve “quick wins” and building the understanding and support to change the business model to become a growth business.

Finally we bring an intimacy with clients’ personality and situation, a confidence and calmness that comes from solving these problems many times, and an assertive pressure to move their business forward.