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Introduction to the Pursuit

Description: One project is not sufficient to truly help a client solve their significant challenges; it is not enough time and it does not cover enough topics.  Pursuing upsells and pull-through drives success for the client and also the Professional Services organization, but it does not come without its share of challenges.

Product Selling vs. True Solutions Selling

Description: Organizations often struggle to differentiate between selling products and selling true solutions to customer challenges. In this video, Dean McMann discusses how to leverage consultants to support the solutions selling process and guide the client through a sale.

Introducing the Stakeholder Meeting

Description: Any meaningful initiative that an organization is looking to undertake requires more support than a single sponsor at the client. Appropriately leveraging a Stakeholder Meeting can help engage other key parties and make initiatives more likely to succeed.

The Consultant’s Journey

Description: A consulting organization’s success in developing its talent defines its future delivery model. Without deliberately training junior resources on a variety of different skills and offers, we can unintentionally find ourselves with specialized silos rather than a functional delivery team.

Stakeholder Meeting Imperatives

Description: Stakeholder Meetings can often be derailed either by ourselves as we lead or outside parties.  Consciously preparing for and structuring the meeting using these tips can help ensure clarity and brevity.

Ideal Stakeholder Meeting Outcomes

Description: While the ideal end to any Stakeholder Meeting is a deal, there are a variety of other positive outcomes as well. In this video, M&R founder Dean McMann shares some of the key next steps of a productive Stakeholder Meeting and how they can be leveraged to drive to a deal.

Project Management in Consulting

Description: Project Management is often isolated as a role with specific boundaries but in reality, it encompasses much more. In this video, M&R founder Dean McMann discusses the differences between learning the science of project management and the art of a successful project delivery.

Introducing Service Chains

Description: Asking organizations to purchase an entire journey all at once leads to very long sales cycles and significant risks for the buyer. In order to break up the buying process and de-risk large projects, we leverage a tool we call Service Chains. For an introduction on Service Chains, watch this video.

Introducing the Steering Committee

Description: Projects rarely continue without challenges and overcoming those challenges defines whether or not a project will ultimately be successful. Steering committees are a critical tool in the ongoing battle to identify and solve issues and communicate results, but only when leveraged correctly.

Adding Value to an Executive Relationship

Description:  A successful executive relationship consists of you adding value to the executive’s career and the executive providing value to your career as well. Although at first glance this may sound simple, differentiating yourself from the hundreds and thousands of other professional relationships that executives hold poses challenges.

Selecting Who to Invest In and Making It Easier on Yourself

Description: The right professional relationships can impact our lives and our businesses in many positive ways, but how do we decide who to invest our scarce time into? Despite what you may think, it is not always the most powerful person at the client.

Crafting a Proposal

Description: When crafting proposals, we find that clients often get lost in the legalities of the contract.  In this video, Dean McMann explains how to use proposals to come to a high-level agreement rather than getting stuck on details.

Closing the Deal

Description:  Closing deals rarely occurs without hiccups despite having high-level buy-in from key stakeholders.  However, there are variety of different tactics that can be used to flush out details before it comes time to close, some of which are explored in this video.

Steering Committee Upsell with the Buyer – Scenario

Description:  Facilitating upsells presents a variety of challenges, but many of them can be expected and planned for.  In this role-play scenario, the M&R team enacts how to drive to an upsell.

Communication as Engagement Wraps Up – Scenario

Description: Internally aligning on how to communicate project outcomes and next steps allows for stronger client communication on all fronts of the project.  In this role-play scenario, the M&R team demonstrates how we go about some of these communications on a daily basis.

Planning for the Steering Committee

Description: Steering Committee meetings may feel like the culmination of a variety of activities, but in reality, they are only a stop along the entire client journey. Keeping the client’s end goal of the project in mind as well as any upsell initiatives are two important planning objectives discussed in this video, M&R founder Dean McMann shares some others.

Communication Strategy During and After an Engagement – Scenario

Description: In this role-play scenario, the M&R team shows how to appropriately plan for communications during and after engagements and outlines some of the key success factors throughout the process.

Travel Tips Discussion

Description: In this discussion, the M&R team has some fun sharing best-in-class travel tips for young consultants and continues the classic argument of when to arrive at the airport.

Client Management

Description: Client journeys fail when consultants can adequately complete the activities of a project but fail to manage the client through the journey.  In order to ensure the client doesn’t stray from the plan, here are some tools that can be used to keep the journey moving forward as scheduled.

The Generations Discussion

Description: Each generation encounters its own challenges in the consulting world and being aware of those challenges and confronting them can define a young consultants experience. In this video, the M&R team holds a group discussion on some generational differences that we have seen and experienced.

Intimate Client Relationships Discussion

Description: In this group discussion, the M&R team explores how to strengthen client relationships at all different levels of the organization.


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