Chuck Somers, VP, ATM Security & Systems, Diebold Inc.

We’re a 150-year old company, transitioning to a services-led company and the work with McMann & Ransford was invaluable in being able to take us from a more of a product-centric focus to more of a solution-centric focus…how we think about those solutions and how we think about the engagement with customers.

Chuck Somers
VP, ATM Security & Systems, Diebold Inc.

Russ Buchanan, Vice President, Xerox

The business insights and wisdom McMann & Ransford brought to each project enabled us to achieve more and to achieve it more quickly. One insight in particular is still the primary framework we’re using for building our service offerings. They truly understand how to take ideas to market and to build a services business.

Russ Buchanan
Vice President, Xerox

Steve Greiner, Sales Executive, General Electric Health

McMann & Ransford has provided a clear framework for developing long-term opportunities and motivating a buyer to move to the next level. Utilizing the ‘Service Chain’ approach has affected my ability to not only build a relationship foundation from which to springboard to a larger, more strategic discussion, but has strengthened my confidence in positioning myself as an expert bringing value to the customer at every meeting.

Steve Greiner
Sales Executive, General Electric Health

Norman Schippers, Head of Hewitt Consulting

We were facing a tremendous amount of pressure to achieve our revenue results in a down economy. With the help of McMann & Ransford, we were able to revamp our go-to-market strategy at the organizational and individual level. The change in mindset McMann helped us drive truly created results that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own!

Norman Schippers
Head of Hewitt Consulting

Jim Keegan, Vice President, IBM

Working with McMann & Ransford has been a tremendous experience for myself and IBM. In these challenging business times, Ransford takes the time to understand the needs of their client and carefully presents the best slate of candidates. They carefully select the candidates for the open positions and act in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Jim Keegan
Vice President, IBM

Chris Roon, Head of Strategy, PeopleSoft

Moving beyond a fee-for-service to a truly professional service organization with multiple service lines is hard work. Doing this inside a thriving billion dollar product company is even more challenging. McMann & Ransford gave us the strategic insight, coaching, and business model assistance to transform a $420m domestic business unit into a truly global professional service organization that grew to over $1B in revenues, with higher margins, in just 4 years.

Chris Roon
Head of Strategy, PeopleSoft

Robert Peters, Partner, KPMG

McMann & Ransford played a key role in helping KPMG execute its critical plan to expand our State and Local tax practice. They not only identified the key market makers in several geographic areas throughout the country, but patiently and persistently assisted in directing these professionals to our firm, when the market for talent was exceptionally competitive. The proof is in the results, each of these professionals are with KPMG today, leading several of our major market efforts. It has always been said, that ‘people are our business’ and Dean McMann and his associates know our business. They have been great partners throughout the years

Robert Peters
Partner, KPMG

Mary Butchko, Principal, Deloitte

It is a pleasure to work with McMann & Ransford. They bring enormous knowledge of professional services and always make a contribution to strategy due to their depth of experience and years of working with the top executives within professional services.

Mary Butchko
Principal, Deloitte