Portfolio as Embodiment of Your Strategy

Portfolio is not a product list. It embodies how a company (through its solutions, offerings, and products) works above the Safety Line SM to drive large share of wallet and pull through its more commoditized products and services.

Too often, portfolio is a list of products with a separate list of services. Your Portfolio is the embodiment of where and how you are going to play. In the current state, it is the intersection of your buyer and your capabilities. IN the future state, it is the growth strategy, including new segments, new buyers, or new offers. Effective, integrated portfolio is a nexus that allows you to drive customer intimacy and grow revenue.

Benefits: Effective portfolio management:
  • Drives clarity of strategy and purpose,
  • Affirms offer investment prioritization, and
  • Demonstrates what product revenue strategies should be.
Critical Success Factors:

Portfolio as an embodiment of your strategy requires your commitment to a highly-professional portfolio and executive understanding of its importance. It is imperative that your organization possesses the toolset and leadership to execute on the portfolio strategy. You must ask yourself:

  • “What problems are we going to solve?”
  • “How is will that work with my product or service portfolio?”
  • “How does this affect my ability to take a customer through buying journeys to eventually pull through my current products or services?”

Growth Initiative Cycle, Portfolio Strategy, Service Chains SM