New Account Acquisition

Companies often view their competitor’s customers as a “bridge too far” – therefore, they choose not to waste effort and resources. On the contrary, it is possible to have a successful, repeatable model for obtaining high-value accounts away from competitors.

Often, firms employ a narrow perspective when contemplating opportunity by only considering their current account-base; these firms lack the abilities and tools to penetrate new accounts in a formalized, predictable manner. In many cases, new account acquisition is only a result of the account seeking a lower price or their overall dissatisfaction with your competitor. With a successful program that identify ways to add lasting value and build intimacy in a greenfield account, you can change that dynamic and proactively obtain new accounts.

Benefits: New account acquisition enables you to:
  • Fundamentally change growth plans without having to change your product strategy or acquire a new business,
  • Get into competitors’ accounts and force competitors to react,
  • Create predictable revenue growth,
  • Drive sales cycles, and
  • Growing market share.
Critical Success Factors:

In order to effectively acquire new accounts, companies must properly segment their markets, select the right solutions, employ a deep understanding of the market, and enable your sales team to work in the executive office.


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