Our Story

Founded in 1993, McMann & Ransford assists business-to-business companies in the creation of sustainable revenue growth and improvement of product/service margin.  We are a boutique consulting firm, which allows our Partners to work directly, and in depth, with our clients to solve their most important problems.

McMann & Ransford is a revenue and margin improvement firm whose impact is easily measurable. We are relentlessly focused on driving outcomes for our clients. This focus has allowed us to create a firm with several unique characteristics, including:

1. “How to” Intellectual Property – We invest a significant percentage of our annual revenue in creating and improving “how to” intellectual property. Strategies and business models only matter when our clients are able to operationalize the strategy.  We create tools, techniques, and ways of transforming so that our clients can do the new things necessary to be successful.

2. Knowledge Transferability – We are a knowledge transfer business. We focus on enabling our clients to quickly move towards success and repeatability.

3. Deep Applicable Experience – We have assisted many of the largest business-to-business companies in the world. Working in almost every industry: High-tech, Office products, Heavy Industrial, Healthcare, Metals, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Transportation, Chemicals, Banking, Professional Services, and others. McMann & Ransford brings our business-to-business expertise to every situation faced by our clients.

4.Laser Focus – We are the recognized leader in solving the problems specific to commoditization – either overcoming it or helping to avoid it. Each of our Partners and teams have extensive experience in solving these issues in different environments and situations.