Creating Differentiation in an Ever-Commoditized Space

Industrial companies typically have all the pieces of a consolidated commercial strategy: knowledge of how to interface with the market, portfolios that make sense to pursue, a go-to-market model, and an organizational structure that creates revenue. Yet product and service commoditization is on the horizon (or already taking place) and many are struggling. Pinning down the reason is difficult if not impossible, and most efforts do not meet the challenge of addressing accelerated commoditization because companies are using their old playbook: expanding product lines (new features and offerings) and re-training the sales force.

Overcoming the growth challenge is possible and has been done. McMann & Ransford enables our Industrial clients to leverage the pieces of their consolidated commercial strategy in new and different ways to navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace and positively bend the growth curve.

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Major Industrial company finding ways to become more integrated with its customers and moving up the supply chain.
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McMann & Ransford’s Idea SellingSM Model enables sales talent to be effective above the safety line in the executive suite.
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