Characteristics of a Best-In-Class Account Lead

In our recent blog post, we defined one of the most crucial – and most overlooked – roles: The Account Lead. As we discussed, the Account Lead owns the overall strategy and coordination of engaging the client; they establish and grow the client relationship at an executive level. Their role is extremely visible to the client and integral to driving the account journey. Ultimately, Account Leads are the most important driver in growing share of wallet at a given account, as a result of larger purchases and deeper relationships with clients. Therefore, ensuring the individual playing the role possesses a key set of attributes is important to the role’s (and the PS team’s) success.

The following include the common characteristics of a best-in-class Account Lead:

  • Consultative – The ability to provide advice and guidance on a range of strategic topics.
  • Service-Oriented – The willingness to go above and beyond for a client.
  • Flexible – The capability of adapting to new situations and ever-changing environments.
  • Problem-Solving Skills – The aptitude for thinking outside the box to overcome challenges.
  • Proactive – The ability to think ahead and plan for the long-term, while staying organized and deliberate in all near-term actions along the journey.
  • Executive Presence – The skill of projecting (and inspiring) confidence and high levels of competency, even under pressure.
  • Outcomes-oriented – The ability to maintain a consistent focus on results.

Possessing this unique set of skills can effectively position someone to play the role of the Account Lead. In coming blogs, we will discuss other critical roles on the PS team and how they interact to deliver a streamlined, outcomes-oriented account journey.

Written by: Jackie McMann

Jackie McMann is a Senior Manager at McMann & Ransford with extensive experience working with Fortune 500 clients to transform their business models, develop differentiated portfolios, and inject best practices into professional services.


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